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Our range of Antenatal / Childbirth Educator training diplomas and ongoing support will help you not only start and maintain a successful business in the world of pregnancy, birth and parenthood, but also to support Parents' to transform their birth and parenting experiences.
Just in case that wasn't enough, your teaching qualification is certified by the world renowned organisation - City And Guilds. So if you want to know your getting recognised lifetime qualification that's exceptionally high quality - this is it. (Oh and we even take care of all your marketing too - if you want!)

PLUS CPD courses in Perinatal Mental Health, Teaching Skills, LGBTQ+ & Vulnerable Communities, Partners' Matter and more besides!

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Antenatal Training UK, perinatal mental health, lactation consultant, breastfeeding counsellor, childbirth educator courses

Antenatal Training UK’s unique approach

Mental Health & the 5 Pillar System...

We go further than childbirth education training… much further.

The experience of pregnancy and birth has a profound, and lifelong impact on both the parents and child. With escalating childbirth trauma and perinatal mental health issues, parents are desperate to find the support that will help them successfully navigate this new journey. We place this need at the core of our childbirth education diplomas.

After 8 years of collaborative research and development by leading experts, Antenatal Training UK launched a new style of childbirth training diploma based on their Unique 5 Pillar System. 

Learn how to deliver classes which subtly place emotional and mental resilience as a constant theme, whilst integrating traditional childbirth topics and meeting Parents’ individual needs.

You can be assured that this training is exactly what your parents’ are seeking. 

Building parents emotional and mental resilience

Nurture and support the connection between parents

Creating strategies for varying pregnancy and birth pathways

Placing partners and the postnatal period at the core

Does this sound familiar?

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It's easier than you think to start your new career...

Training is delivered through our online fully interactive platform, live tutorials and optional workshops. 

With immediate access to your online training platform, there is no hanging around. You can study when and where you want and take as long as you need. There are no deadlines, no stress!

Our 100% qualification guarantee and Learning Disability policy means that no matter your background, learning style, or difference we will support you every single step of the way, in a manner that best suits you. 

Our Community Hub will give you ongoing business, marketing and FREE CPD training while you want it. 

And for those students with existing experience or qualifications, we can Mix ‘n Match the modules to meet your exact requirements!

Oh, and because we believe our courses are exceptional, each one comes with a 100% money-back guarantee – no catches, no excuses. 

12 Great Reasons to Choose Antenatal Training UK

Antenatal Training UK, perinatal mental health, lactation consultant, breastfeeding counsellor, childbirth educator courses

Birth your Business with Expert support.

Antenatal Training UK comprises of a team of expert tutors, each holding the highest qualification in their field and a minimum of 10 years experience.


Shelley Wilson – Midwife & Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Breastfeeding / Lactation Module Leader.

Mia Scotland – Clinical Psychologist. Perinatal Mental Health Module Leader

Ruth Olayinka – Clinical Hypnotherapist. Hypnobirthing Module Leader. 

Lizzie Zahoranska – Antenatal Educator and Doula. Antenatal & Marketing Module Leader

Emma Gasking – Midwife – Quality Control, Development, and Research Lead. 

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