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If you decided that either the EXTENDED Diploma or the Advanced Diploma is for you, then congratulations! To become a childbirth educator is your option to create the financial security and freedom you desire have just opened up even more! 
Students that have completed these qualifications are invited to join BirthWorld CIC as an educator, and if you chose the Advanced Diploma, you can also offer postnatal breastfeeding classes and support. 

BirthWorld CIC is essentially an “everything done for you” agency which handles your marketing, promotions, emails, and bookings – all you need to do is teach!

Our classes are very different from the norm as they include birth education, hypnobirthing AND support to protect parents’ mental health. Parents are often paying out around £200 for a childbirth course and then another £200 for the hypnobirthing class and of course dedicating a lot of time to attend. In comparison – we charge £237 and keep things simple and easy with a 15-hour class format. On top of that we have top class targeted marketing strategy.

Things needed to become a childbirth educator.

  • Your own profile on BirthWorld that you can update independently and very easily with your details, classes etc.
  • A secure defined territory. This maybe based upon local birth rates or mileage,  but either way you wont have any competition for your classes.
    • For example – 1 practitioner per 1000 local births. Even if you were to run fortnightly birth classes with a maximum of 10 couples you can only serve 240 couples per year = £36,000 income.  This gives you a lot of scope and you only need to reach 25% of the available parents to earn good money doing just one aspect of what you will be qualified to do!
    • Depending on the size of the county and birth rate, we may also ask practitioners to ensure their classes are no closer than 10 miles to another practitioner. This is location dependent. 
  • Bookings and deposit all handled by BirthWorld, we even send you the goody bags for your parents!
  • All the teaching plans, access to the resources area for handouts, guides etc for your classes.
  • Access to the Community Hub where you will find ongoing support, articles research etc. This keeps your classes fresh and up-to-date. Although you do not need to do any marketing, we do offer marketing support on here as well, in case you want your own website, facebook page, exhibit at any local shows etc.
  • Wide range of info graphics, blogs posts, articles, social media posts, emails and funnel templates for use on social media.
  • Access to a wide range of printable marketing material.
  • A payment of £150 per couple – up to 8 couples are booked per course. You can run as many courses as you wish.
  • To begin with you can reasonably expect to have around 4 couples per class (£600), rising to 8 -10 couples as your experience and reputation grows. 
  • As a self-employed practitioner you will be responsible for your insurance, tax and NI.
  • You are also able to run your own independent classes, setting your own prices, under your own branding.
  • BirthWorld is a research project examining the connections between childbirth education and parents’ mental health. We are endeavouring to reduce the incidence of mental health complications and suicides. As a practitioner, you will be a valuable asset in this goal. At 6 weeks and 6 months post birth, BirthWorld will request parents complete a research form. This allows us to monitor the quality of our classes and adjust the content to have the greatest impact on parents. We will also request feedback from yourselves to help shape these classes.

How does It work?

  • Following your qualification and workshop with us, should you wish, you have the option of setting up a profile on the BirthWorld website. Parents can then book onto your classes via BirthWorld.
  • On booking parents pay a non-refundable deposit which covers their goody bag, administration costs etc. They also have the option to pay in instalments. 
  • The balance of £150 per couple is then invoiced by, and paid directly to you.
  • We then send you the goody bags ready to hand out during class.

The goody bags consist of:

  • A handheld fan to cool down in those hot hospital rooms
  • A massage ball and oil
  • Lip balm for dry lips.
  • Candle to practice mindfulness.
  • Top Tips cards
  • Affirmation Cards
One last thing – BirthWorld is a Community Interest Company. This means we are a Not for Profit, Social Enterprise company. 
Because of this we do have access to funds for our educators who may want to run various projects in their community. So if there is any project you’d like to set up, you can always apply for funding – enabling you to support your parents in a individual way that suits you and them.  

Which course leads to your future?

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Advanced Diploma

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