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This complete hypnobirthing education programme teaches simple but specific techniques for an enriched birth experience.

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Educate, support, and guide parents through pregnancy and beyond...​

Doula -ing is about bringing together birth knowledge and building relationships with parents and other birth workers to create a cohesive support system where parents can gain confidence during each of the four trimesters of their journey. Therefore, becoming a Doula not only requires extensive knowledge of the birth process but also of the care system the parents decide to birth within.

What to Expect on The Course

These two modules are designed to sit alongside / tag onto, the Antenatal Education Diploma or the Extended Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Diploma, rather than a standalone qualification. This is because you need to have the knowledge and skills contained in the Diplomas to be a fabulous Doula!

Doula 1 | Birth Skills



Techniques, tips, and tools to assist your parents, the baby, and yourself during a birth. This module is designed to help you:


  • Learn comfort techniques such as massage, resting positions, and movement
  • Learn which positions and techniques support the progress of labour – like Rebozo
  • How to emotionally support your parents and yourself.

Doula 2 | Communication



Communication with the maternity team is crucial to effectively supporting the parents with their needs. This module is designed to help you:


  • Optimise communication with Midwives, Doctors, and other birth workers
  • Understand medical terminology
  • How to support your parents when “they say no”

Course Details


4-6 weeks


Option 1: Single Payment of £300

Option 2: 2 Monthly Instalments of £150

Our Approach

Step 1

Work your way through our online, interactive, and active learning environment. Complete the modules at your own pace, in your own time. At the end of these modules you will be qualified! Ideal for those students with experience who just need a "rubber stamp".

Step 2

Live tutorials with the tutors will help you understand the content the modules and then apply it. Using scenarios, case studies and discussions you will take your knowledge to the next level!

Step 3

Our workshops are designed to help you practice your teaching and communication skills. Workshops are optional for this course. Details are sent out towards the end of your training inviting you to consider attending.

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