Childbirth Educator Training

1001 Days Combined, Advanced Diploma and Business Bundle

  • Childbirth Educator Training
  • Hypnobirthing Teacher 
  • Perinatal Mental Health Specialist
  • Postnatal Doula and Educator Specialist
  • Maternity Nurse and Educator Specialist
  • Birth Doula
  • Options to include to Breastfeeding Counsellor or Lactation Consultant training too!

This new and unique diploma enables you to offer full circle care with your Parents’ and gain longevity and ease of income with this full spectrum, “7  in 1” internationally accredited qualification.

Because you want better – for yourself, and for your parents’

Trusted Childbirth Educator training provider to the NHS and approved by.....

Antenatal Educator Training to Sure Start

Does the idea of completing your Childbirth Educator training, to make a real difference to your parents, excite you?

Does this sound like you?

Student Case Study

Lottie Holder

“In 2018, I qualified as a midwife, but knew that women often lacked the vital support they needed and the damage this caused. This inspired me to step outside the hospital walls and offer support “in the field”. I chose the Advanced Diploma because I wanted to complete my Childbirth Educator training and I loved that this helps me to provide continuity of care and support to my families for as long as they need it.  Childbirth education classes and breastfeeding now make up a significant portion of my business and they keep me so busy I haven’t yet finished the Advanced Diploma.  It’s good to know that I can take my time in finishing the Diploma while being able to teach and earn money. 

Is the Advanced Diploma right for you ?

Many childbirth educator training providers concentrate on just one area of the 1001 days, which if they are experts in that area is great, but that does leave you in a position of going through the whole,  exciting, but mentally exhausting process of selecting courses every time you want to upgrade your training to the next level, and of course being a life-long learning, evidenced-based career, you will need to. 

You are perhaps going through this right now? How many companies offer what you are looking for? Then the difficulty of comparing the content of the courses, can you trust the course to be of a good enough quality? Will it really fit around your life? Will you pass? What happens if you hate it? Life is just too short!

Let’s cut the cr*p.  

Why not do 1 course that has all the qualifications you will require IN ONE GO! FOREVER.

You see, with all Antenatal Training UK’s diplomas, you get lifetime access to the online content, and the live tutorials, as well as lifetime updates! 

This course combines ALL our Diplomas with either our Breastfeeding Counsellor training or Lactation Consultant training – Giving you a substantial discount when studied together. Perfect for those who want to support parents right from pregnancy, into birth all the way through to toddlerhood, and to the end of a Parents’ breastfeeding journey.

This course offers so many options for your career -use this qualification to enter Midwifery, take your IBCLC exam, and become a lactation consultant! Operate independently, OR become a BirthWorld Facilitator with our free franchise option and gain clients on autopilot – no marketing required!

But this very special diploma goes further – It’s based on Antenatal Training UK’s “5 Pillar System”. Following 8 years of research this diploma combines both evidence with holistic topics to actively enhance a Parents’ mental health and emotional well-being – the outcome? Improved emotional and mental wellbeing outcomes for their journey. 

Why this needs to be your next Career Move!

Right Place!  …  Right Time? 

How Does The Childbirth Educator Training - Advanced Diploma Course Work?

Step 1

Work your way through our online, interactive learning environment. Filled with videos, workbooks, animations, quizzes, 'podcasts' and games, these bit sized units enable smooth progression around your life.

Step 2

Live tutorials with the tutors will help you understand the content the modules and then apply it. Using scenarios, case studies and discussions you will take your knowledge to the next level!

Step 3

Our optional workshops are designed to help you practice your new skills. Held UK wide, the exact details are sent out towards the end of your training.

Step 4

Life Time
Gain life time access to the course content, tutorials and updates! Study at your own pace with no deadlines and plenty of opportunities to keep your knowledge fresh and current throughout your career!

What Will I Learn?


Childbirth Educator

perinatal mental health

Hypnobirthing Teacher

Shutterstock_15769909 (1)

Maternity Nurse and Education Specialist


Postnatal Doula and Education Specialist


Breastfeeding Teacher Training-breastfeeding counsellor

Breastfeeding Counsellor

What would you do? 

14 hour Childbirth & Hypnobirthing  Class  – £1542 – £2570

14 hour Postnatal & Newborn class  – £1542 – £2570

6 hour breastfeeding antenatal class  – £600

6 hour Holistic Sleep Coaching class  – £970

6 weeks – 2 hour Postnatal and / or Breastfeeding support circle  – £900 per 6 week block

1 hour, individual Breastfeeding support – £65 – £125 

6 week Baby Massage / Yoga Course  £600 per 6 week block

Sleep Coaching per client – £497

6 week Forest Play Course –  £720 per 6 week block

Savings & Bonus - Exclusive to 1001 days Advanced Diploma!

Added Bonus 1

Save Over £2,400

Combine the Diplomas together and save big time! Not just on the course investment, but in so many others ways too…

Added Bonus 2

Marketing Hub worth £1,665+

Live monthly marketing tutorials and access to a vault of materials, and swipe files allow you to build your business as you study, with LIFETIME Marketing support when graduate! With the fast-changing algorithms and marketing systems, this support is INVALUABLE!

Added Bonus 3

Your own Website!

As part of your package, you will receive a WordPress website, which we will help you set up. We will upload your logos, colour, and fonts, and give you training on maintaining and optimising it. We will also link it to your social media accounts, GMB, GA4, and GSC to make sure everyone knows you exist!

Already have a website? Great! We can run an audit and help you improve it. 

Added Bonus 4

Teaching Kit worth over £397!

Forget start-up costs. After qualifying we will send you a full teaching kit. Containing lots of goodies such as a pelvis, labour lines, birth balls, pictures, teaching plans, a library of images, boobs and loads more!  

Added Bonus 5

Franchise with BirthWorld, save £6,500!

If you just want to turn up and teach then this is a great option for you. All our Diplomas give you the option to join the BirthWorld franchise – without any additional costs! Free up your time and choices without compromising on your future. 

The sign of Quality

Antenatal Training has gained affiliation with Westminster Insurance.

This partnership has been awarded in recognition of our exceptional quality courses and ensures that all our students can be covered for a discounted fee in any area we train in! 

Ready to get your insurance? Just hit the logo to go to the website and sign up. 

Advanced Diploma with Breastfeeding Peer Supporter


30 WEEKS COMPLETION! – start teaching in just 8 weeks

COURSE investment

Option 1: Single Payment of £4,397

Option 2: Three Monthly Instalments of £1466.

Option 3: Six Instalments of £733

Option 4: Twelve Instalments of £367

Advanced Diploma with Breastfeeding Counsellor


40 WEEKS COMPLETION! – start teaching in just 8 weeks

COURSE investment

Option 1: Single Payment of £4,897

Option 2: Three Monthly Instalments of £1633

Option 3: Six Instalments of £817

Option 4: Twelve Instalments of £410

Advanced Diploma with Lactation Consultant


52 WEEKS COMPLETION! – start teaching in just 8 weeks

COURSE investment

Option 1: Single Payment of £5,142

Option 2: Three Monthly Instalments of £1714

Option 3: Six Instalments of £857 

Option 4: Twelve Installments of £430

Satisfaction or your money back! 100% refunded, no questions asked. Simply email us with your request within 14 days of enrolling and we will issue you a full refund for your Childbirth Educator Training – Advanced.

With multiple policies allowing us to adjust the course to suit your needs, we can promise that if you do the work, you WILL pass your Childbirth Educator Training- Advanced. 

Kind Words

Savings & Bonus - Exclusive to the Childbirth Educator Training -Advanced Diploma!

Added Bonus 1

Bundled Diplomas Saving you over £2,400

Added Bonus 2

Lifetime Marketing Support worth £1,665 +

Added Bonus 3

WordPress website fully integrated with Google

Added Bonus 4

Lifetime Marketing Support worth £1,665 +

Added Bonus 4

Optional Franchise with BirthWorld - Save £6,500

Ready to start your Childbirth Educator Training and run a thriving business with the Advanced Diploma?