1d. Teaching Skills

Module 1 Teaching Skills
Unit 1 Module Guide, Reading List, Assignment and Marking Criteria.  
Unit 2 Learning Styles and the Psychology of Adult Education  
Unit 3 The Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher  
Unit 4 Teaching Styles - Teaching, Facilitating discussion and Coaching.  
Unit 5 Inclusivity and Diversity in Learning  
Unit 6 Embedding Functional Skills  
Unit 7 The Induction and Engagement process  
Unit 8 Active and Layered Learning  
Unit 9 Lessons plans, Aims and Objectives  
Unit 10 Evaluation and Reflection  
Unit 11 Difficult Behaviours and Sensitive Topics  
Unit 12 Becoming a Confident Educator  
Unit 13 Ethics and Codes of Practice  
Unit 14 Record Keeping  
Unit 15 Feedback - Teaching Skills  
Unit 16 Assessment