1001 Days Combined Diploma & Business Bundle

Antenatal Extended Diploma

  • Antenatal Educator
  • Hypnobirthing Teacher Training
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Trusted training provider to the NHS and approved by.....

Savings & Bonus - Exclusive to 1001 days Combined Diplomas!

Added Bonus 1

Save Over £1,591

Added Bonus 2

Marketing Hub worth £1,665

Added Bonus 3

Teaching Kit worth over £397!

Added Bonus 4

Optional Franchise with BirthWorld - Save £6,500

Does the thought of building a Parents confidence make you smile?

Does this sound like you?

Is the Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Extended Diploma right for you?

Knowing that supporting Parents’ is where your passion lies, but being confused as to what your path look like, and how to achieve this is very common. There is just so much choice. This is something you have in common with your Parents’ – have you seen how many ways there are to give birth?!

Joking aside, if you feel this way, then how might they also be feeling?

This Diploma is designed to cut through the confusion – for you, and for them. We are here to support you to take the steps to become an expert in birth and offer your Parents’ both evidenced and holistic based information with their birthing classes.  This Diploma has been designed to fully integrate the support that has been shown to enhance a Parents’ emotional and mental wellbeing, increase their confidence,  reduce mental health difficulties amongst other fabulous benefits, and of course provides you with a stand out offering whilst maximising your earning potential! 

With the maternity system in total crisis, and parents’ desperately seeking support, NOW is the time to fully step up and into a soul led career that you can be “Cheshire cat, grinning smile”, proud of. 

Knowing you are serving your parents to transform their life and birth experience whilst  whilst building the life and freedom you are seeking is possible!

You are not alone. Antenatal Training UK is not just a training company. We are your new family, your new Village. Join us and you become part of a movement, changing the lives of parents and babies. 

Right Place!  …  Right Time? 

Why this needs to be your next Career Move!

How Does The Postnatal Doula & Education Diploma Work?

Step 1

Work your way through our online, interactive learning environment. Filled with videos, workbooks, animations, quizzes, 'podcasts' and games, these bit sized units enable smooth progression around your life.

Step 2

Live tutorials with the tutors will help you understand the content the modules and then apply it. Using scenarios, case studies and discussions you will take your knowledge to the next level!

Step 3

Our optional workshops are designed to help you practice your new skills. Held UK wide, the exact details are sent out towards the end of your training.

Step 4

Life Time
Gain life time access to the course content, tutorials and updates! Study at your own pace with no deadlines and plenty of opportunities to keep your knowledge fresh and current throughout your career!

What Will I Learn?

Antenatal Educator

Antenatal Training UK, perinatal mental health, lactation consultant, breastfeeding counsellor, childbirth educator courses

Hypnobirthing Teacher

For those looking to go the extra mile in antenatal care & launch a successful business!

You can stop scrolling the internet getting confused by the noise now.  Everything you need to get started and grow into a successful birth worker is right here. And we make it easy to say Yes!

Antenatal Training UK hold training contracts with the likes of the NHS. If they trust us, we hope this will means you will too! What it definitely means is that you can be certain of exceptional quality training. 

But we go further for your total peace of mind – a fully money back guarantee and a free course for you to try first!

You’ll be supported to stay focused, motivated and on track with our three step approach to your training, weekly live tutorials for maximise support AND fun and lively assignments. 

The training is fully flexible to accommodate your learning styles and life commitments, with no expiry date. We even have two different pathways for you to choose from depending on if you prefer to study, in your own time, at your own pace with no deadlines, or if you prefer more more guidance and more accountability – without pressure.

Savings & Bonus - Exclusive to 1001 days Combined Diplomas!

Added Bonus 1

Save Over £1,591

Combine the Diplomas together and save big time! Not just on the course investment, but in so many others ways too…

Added Bonus 2

Marketing Hub worth £1,665

Live monthly marketing tutorials and access to a vault of materials, allow you to build your business as you study!

Added Bonus 3

Teaching Kit worth over £397!

Forget start up costs. Your Birth Business in a Box contains lots of goodies such as a pelvis, labour lines, birth balls and loads more!

Added Bonus 4

Franchise for Mums save £6,500!

If you just want to turn up and teach then this is a great option for you. All our 1001 Days Combined Diplomas give you the option to join the BirthWorld franchise – without any additional costs! A great franchise for Mum’s opportunity. Free up your time and choices without compromising on your future. 

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15 months

COURSE investment

Option 1: Single Payment of £1,760 (regular price £2197)

Option 2: Fifteen Monthly Instalments of £118 (regular price £147)




COURSE investment

Option 1: Single Payment of £1,760 (regular price £2197)

Option 2: Eight Monthly Instalments of £220 (regular price £275)

What would you do? 

14 hour weekend group sessions during the antenatal period  

or perhaps you would run them in the evenings instead?

(Expect to earn £257+ per couple, per 14 hour course)

2 hour postnatal support groups – daytime for the stay at home parent, or evening for Partners’ (or both Parent’s) to attend?

Maybe you would offer both?

(Expect to earn £15+, per Couple/Parent, per weekly session)

How about sessions held at the Parents home to offer them individualised support?

(Expect to earn £75+per hour of support)

Satisfaction or your money back! 100% refunded, no questions asked. Simply email us with your request within 14 days of enrolling and we will issue you a full refund. 

With multiple policies allowing us to adjust the course to suit your needs, we can promise that if  you do the work, you WILL pass. 

go one step further!

Higher Diploma

Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Teaching

And …

Postnatal Doula & Maternity Nurse & Educator Specialist

go Two steps further!

Advanced Diploma

Antenatal Teacher

Hypnobirthing Teacher

Postnatal Doula & Educator Specialist

Maternity Nurse & Educator Specialist 

And …

BreastFeeding Counsellor

Ready to run a thriving business as a Postnatal Doula & Education Specialist?

Start a rewarding career you can be proud of and become a Postnatal Doula and Education Specialist !… Taught by a full panel of experts, combined with our renowned post qualified support and life time access, you can be assured of your business success  in the world of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.