Diploma Discounts

save up to £2585! 

If you are sitting thinking – I want to do more, my parents need more, my parents deserve more – then we are right there with you!

Continuity of care enhances parents’ and baby’s outcomes, your career, and your income, but we get it, starting out is tough.

So we want to make it easier for you –

Choose to complete any combination of the diplomas we offer, and gain juicy discounts and bundled bonuses! 


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Antenatal Educator Training to Sure Start

Why do more?


Antenatal Training UK takes a different positive approach – we focus on the mental and emotional well-being of the parent, whilst combining this with the more traditional aspects you would normally expect.

To deliver on this means ensuring a parent has continuity of quality care. A trusted person they can turn to for the WHOLE journey -not just a weekend for birth classes. Someone they trust, someone who can give them reliable, not confusing information.

That could be you!

Think of it this way. You’ve spent time looking through websites to select your training provider, yes? Who do you choose? Who do you trust?

Now imagine that for every step of a pregnancy and parenting journey – how tiresome. That’s what your parents face.

Now imagine instead that you can be with your parents through pregnancy, teaching them about childbirth and hypnobirthing, but also running specialist classes in the postnatal period and baby development (‘cos let’s face it, we all know standard classes do not cut it!). How about after the baby is born and you offer support circles and breastfeeding support? Having these services and classes is so, so valuable. 

But it also allows you more flexibility, whilst giving you a more stable and affluent income. For example, if you have children, being able to swap services and classes around will allow you to spend more time with your family during the school holidays. All without sacrificing your income.

Save up to £2585!!

How does it work?

Combining the diplomas offers substantial savings, and all are available on a 6 or 12-month payment plan. 

Purchasing a combination of courses at the beginning can save you up to 25% of the training costs, or more if studied as the Advanced Diploma, which comes with some very substantial essentials to kick start and maintain a successful career.

If you decide to start with one (or more) Diplomas now,  and then add either another diploma or any CPD courses later on, you will receive a student discount of 15% off the full price. 

Any Diplomas that share common modules, only need to be completed once. 

Simply select your payment option below and let us know on the check form which diplomas you want to compete – it’s that easy! 

Discounts apply to any combination of the following Diplomas:

Thinking about all FIVE diplomas? 

You would be better off looking at the  …

Advanced Diploma in the 1001 days with Business Bundle

This Diploma encompasses all five of our mainstream diplomas PLUS qualifies you as a Breastfeeding Counsellor (or Lactation Consultant), and a Perinatal Mental Health Supporter.

Save up to 25% off Bundled Diplomas - with EXTRA discounts when you pay in full!

Any TWO Diplomas - 13% Off

COURSE investment

Option 1: Single Payment of £2,147 

Option 2: Six Instalments of £375 

Option 3: Twelve Installments of £190

Any THREE Diplomas - 20% Off

COURSE investment

Option 1: Single Payment of £3,147

Option 2: Six Instalments of £533

Option 3: Twelve Installments of £270

Any FOUR Diplomas - 25% Off

COURSE investment

Option 1: Single Payment of £3,647

Option 2: Six Instalments of £650

Option 3: Twelve Installments of £330

The sign of Quality

Antenatal Training has gained affiliation with Westminster Insurance.

This partnership has been awarded in recognition of our exceptional quality courses and ensures that all our students can be covered for a discounted fee in any area we train in! 

Ready to get your insurance? Just hit the logo to go to the website and sign up. 

Discount Terms and Conditions:

  • 15% discounts only applies to Diplomas or short courses listed in the CPD section.
  • Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Lactation Consultant and the Advanced Diploma are excluded from the 15% discount.
  • If you have studied the Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, Breastfeeding Counsellor or Lactation Consultant Courses and wish to undertake more study, you will be eligible for the 15% discount off any other Diploma, or, if you wish to study the Advanced Diploma – see below.  
  • If you have previously studied any other diploma or course with us, (including any breastfeeding related course), and wish to undertake the Advanced Diploma, the amount you have previously paid will be deducted from the Advanced Diploma. Please contact us for your personal discount code.