Extended Diploma in Antenatal Education & Hypnobirthing

Want to maximize your earning potential,  gain bookings on autopilot, and just generally enjoy the freedom you’ve been seeking? Of course, you do!

Our Extended Diploma in Antenatal Education, also qualifies you as a Hypnobirthing Instructor. Our standout marketing module will also set you up for success. 

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For those looking to go the extra mile in antenatal care & launch a successful business!

These additional four modules will really help you and your classes stand out from the crowd with further development in childbirth and advanced marketing skills to up your game! This option will also allow you to either operate independently and set up your own classes and prices, OR become a BirthWorld Facilitator!

What to Expect from The
Extended Diploma in Antenatal Education & Hypnobirthing

Enrolling in this course will give you each module listed in the Foundation Diploma Course + 4 Extra courses.  

  • Research and Informed Choice
  • Reflection
  • Labour and Birth
  • Partners’ Matter
  • Newborn Health and Wellbeing
  • The Fourth Trimester
  • Breastfeeding
  • Teaching Skills
  • Business and Marketing Skills
  • …………


Hypnobirthing,    Perinatal Mental Health,   LGBTQ+ & Vulnerable Communities,   Advanced Marketing Skills.

You'll also recieve a teaching kit!

Module 1 | Research & Informed Choice



They said “No”….

Research is a fundamental part of antenatal education practice and underpins the information we pass onto women and their partners for them to make invidualised decisions.  Do we set parents up to fail when we empower them with choice, then send them off to birth within the NHS, where their choices might be “removed”?

This controversial and ethical-based module takes an in-depth look at what informed choice really means, how we can enable parents to achieve effective support from caregivers.


  • Be able to critique research in order to identify quality sources for your teaching.
  • Describe evidenced-based care, and understand why this is not every Parents’ experience.  
  • Describe the external impacts on informed choice, such as the landscape of the NHS, burnout etc
  • Use MINI BARR to support parents to  make full informed decisions.

Module 2 | Reflection



Reflective practice ensures your awareness of the impact that past experiences, your own beliefs, and values have on behaviour, current and future thoughts, and decision making.


  • Understand what reflection is and why it is important
  • Demonstrate ways in which to reduce the impact of your influence.
  • Using evidence to inform reflection
  • Reflection cycles and barriers

Module 3 | Labour & Birth



This module will guide you through natural birth, interventions and common issues that parents might face.


  • Build your knowledge on labour and birth for both natural and medicated births.
  • Deliver a balanced supportive class for every type of birth and parent.
  • Learn about the pain gate theory, the 15 different types of pain reliefe, hormones, inductions, breech and fetal positioning, interventions, optimal positioning for labour, pelvic floor, and lots more!

Module 4 | Partners' Matter



This module will explore the unintended censorship that Partners face and how this impacts on informed choice. Effectively guide partners through the process of birth, developing their confidence and understanding and identifying the impact birth has on them.  


  • Discover how to place the Partner as a central pillar to positively impact on the birthing parents’ mental health.
  • Develop your understanding of the various roles that partners fulfill and how this can affect them.
  • Understand the difference and importance between active and passive support that the partner can give through pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.
  • Learn how to reinforce the importance of mental health for partners, why and how this is absolutely vital for them, and how they can directly and positively impact on their relationship to enhance and protect this on their journey.
  • Learn about the hormonal changes that males undergo during pregnancy and in the postnatal period. 


Want to know more? Click here for a detailed breakdown of Partners’ Matter 

Module 5 | Newborn Health & Wellbeing



You will learn all about the newborn needs, from the first hour of life to the 6th week. Newborn illnesses are included in this module, as research shows, that the lives of babies could be saved if this was covered in childbirth classes.


  • Understand how a baby develops
  • Newborn illnesses
  • General care
  • Feeding decisions

Module 6 | The 4th Trimester



Focusing on the parents this module covers the transitional journey from birth to around 3 months old. Sometimes tricky to navigate and usually full of anxiety.


  • Understand and discuss the transition to parenthood and their new identities with your parents.
  • Managing emotions, visitors and expressing needs.
  • Conflict resolution and compassion within the partnership.
  • Managing expectations
  • The importance of Self Care.

Module 7 | Breastfeeding



Breastfeeding is something that the majority of mothers wish to do, but many “fail” at.


  • How to get breastfeeding off to a good start.
  • Understand and address common paternal issues and concerns.
  • Biological and dorsal feeding positions and reflexes
  • Common issues
  • How to effectively run a Breastfeeding session within class or as stand alone session
    (Please note this module is not designed for the IBCLC exam. If you wish to become a breastfeeding counsellor or IBCLC we can “bolt on” extra modules for you. Please contact us for details)

Module 8 | Teaching, Facilitating & Coaching Skills



This module will help you develop your communication skills, confidence and knowledge to help you guide groups of expectant parents through pregnancy and into parenthood.


  • Explore the pycology adult of learning and the theories.
  • Learn about the differences in teaching, coaching, and facilitating groups.
  • Learn how to make your classes engaging whilst integrating learning aims and outcomes, evaluation, active and layered learning
  • Role and resposbiilities, evelautiong 
  • Apply principles of managing group dynamics.
  • Design, evaluate and conduct courses

COURSE 9 | Hypnobirthing Teacher Training



This is not just another module – a full course in its own right to qualify you as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner.

There are many influences that can negatively impact on the birth process. Hypnobirthing allows the body to bypass this process, leading to a calm, relaxed and positive experience. Ideal for parents having a vaginal or caesarean birth. So with rising demand, increased awareness and midwives referring parents to hypnobirthing classes, this is a course you don’t want to miss out on.

However, as per our usual practice we go further than most trainings – 


  • Learn how to write your own scripts
  • Assist parents to release the fears and anxieties they may have about giving birth.
  • Gain resources, scripts and recordings to use during class.


+ PLUS ACCESS TO A FULL LIBRARY OF SCRIPTS – Covering many, many, scenarios from breech babies to loss, to postnatal concerns you will never come across a client you cannot support! You are not tied to a form or brand of hypnobirthing, allowing you to adapt the methods to suit your parents or offer stand alone Hypnobirthing Classes.

Module 10 | Perinatal Mental Health



Birth trauma and mental health incidences for both parents are on the rise. Antenatal Training UK believe that this should be addressed through childbirth classes. As such this specially designed module can help you make a positive impact for your parents. 


  • Explore spirituality and the rites of passage and how this impacts on metal heath. 
  • Understand the various mental health issues.
  • Learn about the hormones and how this can affect mental health and the fetus. 
  • Nurture, support and build the connection between parents.
  • Build mental and emotional resilience in your parents.
  • Work with your parents to create strategies for varying pregnancy and birth pathways

Module 11 | LGBTQ+ & Vulnerable Communities



There are certain groups of parents that are more at risk than others. This module looks at those parents who are in these “at risk” groups and how they can be better supported through the unique challenges they face. With a special focus on parents who identify as part of LGBTQ+ and BAME communities. 


  •  Become an Ally – why acceptance is not enough.
  • Terminology and communication.
  • Discrimination and the law
  • Understand the barriers and impacts these families face and how to support them effectively.
  • Creating a safe space

Module 12 | Advanced Marketing



What is the difference between most antenatal educators and other types of successful course leaders? Marketing. Some course leaders are earning 40K+ part time, easily every year – discover how. 


  • Social Media that works.
  • Story Telling.
  • Funnels, funnels, funnels.
  • Automated email, video, PR and passive marketing.
  • Live and experiential events.
  • Launching and preselling
  • The 7 P’s of marketing and how to integrate it into your marketing.
  • SEO, websites and google
  • Email sequencing and segmentation

Course Details


12 months

COURSE investment

Option 1: Single Payment of £1897

Option 2: 12 Monthly Instalments of £160

Advanced Diploma in antenatal education teacher training, hypnobirthing training, breastfeeding counsellor, lactation consultant, IBCLC, perinatal mental health

Added Bonus 1

Gain access to an extensive hypnosis library!

Here you will find hypnosis scripts you can use for almost every situation your parents may face. From morning sickness, to COVID-19 related anxiety, birthing without support, encouraging labour, turning breech baby, scripts for partners, scripts for yourself and even postnatal scripts.

As if this was not enough you are able to request scripts if you come across a situation that is not already covered, as well as life time support to help you craft your own.

Added Bonus 2

Teaching Kit!

So you’ve got qualified – Congratulations!

You’ve set your website and social media up and are ready to start running those classes – Ace!

But now you need the equipment – the pelvis, the birth balls, the printed materials – Oh no, more expense…

Not any more!

With Antenatal Training both the Extended and Advanced Diploma’s come with a full Teaching kit so when you are ready to launch, nothing is standing in your way!


go one step further!

This course covers the same modules in the Extended Diploma in Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Education,

PLUS qualifies you as an Breastfeeding Counsellor leading to Lactation Consultant.

With the Advanced Diploma you can teach for BirthWorld, running childbirth, hypnobirthing and breastfeeding courses and offer postnatal support through BirthWorld as well.

Ideal for those looking to offer continuity of care to their clients. 

Working through BirthWorld is perfect if you want to be part of a brand, don’t have the time for marketing or don’t want to bother with it! 

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Our Approach

Step 1

Work your way through our online, interactive, and active learning environment. Complete the modules at your own pace, in your own time. At the end of these modules you will be qualified! Ideal for those students with experience who just need a "rubber stamp".

Step 2

Live tutorials with the module leaders will help you apply your new knowledge to working life situations. Using scenarios, case studies and discussions you will take your learning to the next level!

Step 3

Our workshops are designed to help you practice your teaching and communication skills. Workshops are optional for this course. Details are sent out towards the end of your training inviting you to consider attending.

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