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Trusted training provider to the NHS and approved by.....

Antenatal Training UK would like to apologise to FEDANT for comments made that may have caused confusion to any reader or FEDANT themselves. We would like to make it clear that we support efforts made regarding the regulation of antenatal education industry.
are your qualifications accredited?


Because of our commitment to improving the standards across the birth and parenting education industry We have taken the step to move beyond regulation and into certification and lifetime career mentorship. 

This means that all our Teaching Diplomas with the element of “educator” in the title will carry the impressive, world renowned  City and Guilds standard, gaining you an official level 3 or 4 teaching qualification!! 

Your investment now goes much further as your career benefits are greatly enhanced. Widely recognised by parents, it is also in demand by 93% of employers, so if you ever wished to apply for an employed role, this qualification could boost your  application.

Likewise because it is qualification, not just a course you can use this to aid any application to further education such as a Midwifery degree.

Additionally we are a CMA (Complementary Medical Association) Registered Training School. These are considered to be the elite in the profession they serve. What makes the CMA special is their commitment to representing “healthcare at the very highest levels of government – ensuring that our collective voices are heard when it comes to policy-making – and decisions that impact the health of our nations, and our rights to practice or teach”

Having this representation within government not only signifies the highly regarded status of this company but also protects our future and the quality of care we can give to parents with the current and on going maternity crisis. 

Reassuringly both these standards are widely accepted by insurance companies. 

Still curious about what this means for you? 

Antenatal Training UK has been chosen by several NHS Trusts and Sure Start Centres to train their staff members, and we are registered with the DWP to supply training for those on benefits. We hope that the recognition of these government bodies investing public money into training of staff, alongside our accreditations and City and Guilds qualifications, reassures you as to the exceptionally high quality of our Diplomas!  

Additionally, we offer a free taster experience and 14 days money-back guarantee so you can Try us, Test us, and Love us without any risk!

The quick answer is ABSOLUTLEY!!

As there is no legal protection of title for Antenatal Educators there is no law that states educators must be registered  to gain insurance or practice. Unlike like someone like a gas engineer who must be on the Gas Safe Register in order to work. Unfortunately this can leave potential educators confused and disoriented in the choice of training provider.

Because of this we have chosen to turn our courses into real recognised City and Guilds qualifications. 

This was important as  25% of our students are international, we felt that having world renowned recognition that is a “household name” for all our students was important!

Sure we can, but please be specific about what you are looking for. We have made the website as comprehensive as we can. In terms of the course, the content, the team running it, the workshops, qualifications, payment and how the course works…it’s all on here already! If you have any specific questions please fill out the contact form below.

No, everything you need to become an Antenatal Childbirth Educator and a successful business person is all included within the course. If you are a Midwife or Doula we recognise your prior learning and as such offer discounts. Please note you will need to send us your evidence for the discount to apply.

We expect most students to be able to complete the Diploma in Antenatal Education and Teaching in 6 months, and the EXTENDED Diploma in Antenatal, Hypnobirthing Education in around 9 months. However, you can work through the material at a speed that suits you, and there is no time limit. If you are paying in instalments, a maximum of 2 modules can be completed per instalment paid*. If you have paid in full then you may work through the course at your own pace with no delay. Modules need to be completed in order and you can only move onto the next, when the current module is completed and passed.

*Labour and birth, Hypnobirthing and Mental Health are classed as “2 modules” for the purposes of instalment payments.

Well we can’t really tell you that. Everyone has individual requirements. However, we do have some tips to help you compare courses you may be considering:

  • Take a look at the course content, is there a full breakdown of all the modules and units?
  • Do you know exactly what each unit will teach you?
  • What about the marketing and business side? Is there a module on actually making money, and support after qualification?
  • What does this marketing module go into? is it just websites and posters or does it include copywriting, funnels, automation? Believe me posters wont get you very far!
  • How about the assessments? Do you need to wait for grading or is it automatic?
  • How long do you have to complete the course?
  • What is the cost of the course and does the course offer instalment payments?
  • How about a workshop?
  • Is the course written and led by recognised industry experts?

That depends. With the Diploma in Antenatal Education and Teaching and the EXTENDED+ Diploma in Antenatal, Hypnobirthing Education and Teaching you can work for yourself. If you want to teach for us you must complete the EXTENDED Diploma. However you can still work independently alongside working for us as well. In short the EXTENDED Diploma in Antenatal, Hypnobirthing Education and Teaching has more options and more ability to earn money. 

Ok, so when you complete the EXTENDED Diploma in  Antenatal, Hypnobirthing Education and Teaching  or the ADVANCED Diploma in Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Education with Breastfeeding Counsellor,  you are able to set up a profile with our sister company BirthWorld. We handle the marketing and bookings for you, so all you need to do is teach!

  • You will receive up to £160 per couple attending your course and can take up to 8 couples per class. 
  • You can decide on where to teach, what days, hours etc. 
  • There will not be another educator within a 10 mile radius of you (Outside of London). 
  • You can run as many courses as you want, and you can teach your own courses independently as well.
  • You will be given course and teaching plans and expected to stick to those plans. This is because BirthWorld is a research project as such we need to ensure that parents who come to us get a standardised course to ensure the research is as watertight as we can make it. We do review the teaching plans in line with feedback from our teachers, so please be assured you are a valued part of this project. Of course with your own courses you can dictate the content.
  • You will need to pay for the venue hire fee, refreshments, your insurance (which is around £60 a year). You will be provided with a full Teaching Kit so you wont have start up costs to worry about either!
  • We provide the parents with a luxury gift bag.  

In short anywhere you want providing it is suitable. Some teach in their own homes, some use the clients homes. Community halls and Leisure centres are also places to consider. One tip. If you teach for BirthWorld ask for charity rates, or offer a place free of charge in your own classes, as often this gives you a big discount on the hire fee. 

Antenatal Traning UK has a 3 step approach to learning – this allows you to Mix N Match your training to suit your individual needs.

Step 1:

Upon signing up you will get a login which opens the online course. Within the online are reading lists, learning outcomes and assessment. The active learning environment contains a mix of videos, blogs and links to articles. Assessments are a mix of multiple choice questions, group discussions,  reflections, creation of posters and materials for parents etc.

Once you have worked through the online content you are officially qualified. This is ideal for those with experience that need a quick and easy way to get a “red stamp”. 

Step 2:  

Sitting alongside the online learning, are live tutorials with the various experts. This will help you apply your learning through activities like case studies, discussion prompts, supporting materials, and general support. 

Step 3: 

Depending on the course you choose, on completion of the modules, you can then book a workshop. This will help you to practice your teaching and communication skills.

No. You will find that other breastfeeding Counsellor courses require you to have breastfeed your own children to 6 months to be eligible to support others. Do Midwifery, Antenatal Educators or Doula courses say you have to have had given birth a certain way before supporting others? no? then why make this suggestion for breastfeeding? Everyone’s journey is different, be it birth breastfeeding or parenting, so your journey cannot and should not be compared to those you may be supporting. Besides, how on earth do you enforce this?

No, you will not be a lactation consultant, however, the Breastfeeding course meets and exceeds the IBCLC exam lactation training requirements, which is the exam needed to become a Lactation Consultant. The highest qualification in breastfeeding. Typically, with this qualification you can earn around £75 per hour supporting families or turn this into a full time employed profession within the NHS. To be able to take the IBCLC exam (which is multiple choice, so nothing too scary!), you will need a full training transcript (which we can provide), possibly further practice hours and potentially further qualifications. They have several different pathways to allow you to take the exam, so the exact requirements will differ from individual to individual.

We also recommend our workshop and practice / mock exam with out IBCLC Tutor, Shelley Wilson.

Yes we do. We recognise prior learning. When you sign up to the course some of the modules won’t appear for you as you will have already covered this in your prior training. Essentially you are put on a shortened pathway. Evidence of your qualification must be submitted for the discount to apply.

Discounts apply to  “Diplomas” only, excluding the Advanced and any sale offers due to the heavy discounts already applied. 

The short answer is that traditionally breastfeeding counsellors, support workers, or whatever other titles you come across, work for free. You undertake very basic training then volunteer through a phone helpline or in person class for the organisation you trained with. In terms of the £6500 course, you do get paid, around £10 per hour for a breastfeeding class.

As for our course? well firstly we want you to be able to charge for your expertise should you wish, so we don’t expect you to volunteer your time. Your training needs to reflect this, but neither does it need to run into the £1000’s. Once you completed the course you would expect to charge around £30 – £60 an hour supporting parents or run paid breastfeeding classes where you can earn around £400 for a 3 hour class.

Ready to run a successful business as a Childbirth Educator?

Unlock a rewarding career you can be proud of… Our exceptional panel of experts combined with our carefully designed courses will support you on your journey to start and run a business in the world of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.