Learning Differences Policy

What’s an IEP?

Students with learning differences or those with low confidence levels are eligible for an individualised education program (IEP) — to help you succeed in you studies. The IEP describes the goals and adjustments that have been made to support the student to achieve their qualification. 

Who Needs an IEP?

A student who has learning differences or low confidence and who self declares their difficulties to a Tutor. 

How Are Services Delivered?

In most cases, the services and goals outlined in an IEP can be provided in a standard learning environment. The units have been designed to support all learning needs – for example videos and audio content are accompanied by transcripts, gamification has been used to help retain learning and simplify more complex ideas, theories and terminology, and workbooks assist those who need to draw out their thoughts to make links in their learning. Extra time is allowed for any tests and assignments are flexible to allow the student demonstrate the learning in a way that best suits them. 

The Referral Process

There is no official referral process. Research shows us that there is a very high percentage of students with learning differences within the caring and birth profession. We also recognise that not all students are confident to disclose any difficulties they may be facing and we wish to support everyone in a way that suits them. Therefore we have adjusted the course to suit as any students’ as we can, but also encourage student to self disclose any issues so that we can support them ad adjust their studies where possible. 

Who’s On the Team?

Lizzie Zahoranska has Dyslexia, Dyspraxia  and as undergone training in delivering education to diverse learning student. She is the lead in developing IEP for individual students. 

Developing an IEP

When a student has self declared and requested support, the next step is an IEP meeting at which Lizzie and the student will decide what steps need to be taken to ensure learning outcomes are met smoothly for the student. 

At the meeting, the IEP will be written and will include specific, measurable short-term and long term goals for each of those needs.

The IEPs can be changed at any time on an as-needed basis. If you think you need increased or decreased support you can request a meeting  to discuss your concerns.

A Final Word

Antenatal Training UK believe that each student has the right to determine their own learning needs, which is why we have extended the IEP to include ANY student who may feel they need the extra support.  If you feel this applies to you please email Lizzie on wecareATantenatal-training.co.uk to discuss your needs.