Perinatal Mental Health Training & Birth Trauma Support

Are you dissatisfied with just learning about the signs, symptoms, and signposting of mental health conditions?  

Do you want to enhance and potentially protect your parent’s well-being ?

This training is your Mary Poppins bag, full of evidenced-based ways to actively support parents.

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Perinatal MENTAL hEALTH tRAINING & Birth TRAUMA SUPPORT course description 

More than a spoonful of sugar ...

Im sure that you have noticed that most perinatal mental health training focuses on signs, symptoms, signposting and diagnoses, right? Now if you are a health care professional then that’s absolutely brilliant. If you are not,  It kinda falls into the “good to know, but can’t I do more ?” category. 

And I suppose you’ve also seen the various birth trauma-rated training on offer? Only perhaps you are concerned that as a “non-psychologist” you may be dabbling unsafely, but you know that the lack of services is crippling your parents, so something has to be done?

I get it – the “push-me-pull-you” of wanting to do more, knowing you can – but how”,  scenario. After all, this is the main reason Antenatal Training UK and BirthWorld exist!

Evidence has shown us we CAN take action in the antenatal period before anything arises to enhance and potentially protect against mental health difficulties. As an Antenatal Teacher or Perinatal worker, with the right training, you are in the perfect position to be actively and safely supporting your parents!

Wouldn’t it a great to give your parents multiple tools to enhance their emotional and mental well-being, and then if they do have difficulties, also be there to support them?

Get proactive, with your perinatal mental health training
- the experts supporting you

Meet the team-Mia Scotland - Perinatal Mental Health Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator Courses Antenatal Training UK

Perinatal Mental Health Module Lead

Mia Scotland

Mia is a registered, accredited and chartered Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years’ experience. She has a particular passion for the Psychology of Birth, and understanding how good preparation is key to a good birth. While specialising in antenatal and postnatal mental health, her skills also expand beyond into areas such as, Rewind technique, and resilience training. Mia is often in demand to teach and speak worldwide, so you may bump into her at maternity conferences.

Mia is the bestselling author of “Why Perinatal Depression Matters”.

Founder & Antenatal Module Lead

Lizzie Zahoranska-Earle

Lizzie started her birth career, training as Midwife, where she discovered a passion for Antenatal Education and perinatal mental health. Knowing this was where she needed to focus, she turned to education and now, fast forward, 100’s parents and 10 years of research and further training later,  She is excited to finally compound all her knowledge and get stuck into completing a Ph.D. in Perinatal Mental Health Training using BirthWorld as the research base.

Read more about the inspiration of Antenatal Training UK and BirthWorld here…

Lizzie is currently writing her first book entitled “BirthPower Pathways – a guide to a career in the 1001 days”. 


Why you need perinatal mental health training & Birth Trauma support as part of your services

  • 45% of Mothers experience traumatic childbirth.
  • 10% of fathers experience mental health difficulties following birth, but only 3% feel secure enough to seek help.
  • The strongest predictor for the father to experience difficulties, is if the mother also has mental health problems.
  • This support is being requested by parents from their childbirth classes more than breathing techniques, but most classes are yet to catch up with this demand. 

What to expect from this course

Whats’ inside the course?

Module 1 | Psychosocial view on Maternal Stress

Module 2 | Different types of perinatal mental health problems.

Module 3 | Spirituality and the Rites of Passage

Module 4 | Corticotrophin-Releasing Hormone and Cortisol

Module 5 | Challenges to Taking Care of Mental Health

Module 6 | Partners Mental Health

Module 7 | Birth Trauma

Module 8 | Signposting

Module 9 | Listening & Holding Space

Module 10 | Basic Counselling Skills

Module 11 | Postive Pyscology

Module 12 | Art Therapy

Module 13 | Mindfullness

Module 14 | Journalling as therapy

Module 15 | Shinrin Yoko

Module 16 | Elementory 'Healing'

Module 17 | Breath Work

Launching September '23

Course Details


4 weeks


Option 1: Single Payment of £397

Option 2: 2 Monthly Instalments of £200

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Ready to integrate Perinatal Mental Health Training, & birth trauma support into your services?

If you are ready to offer your parents evidence-based, active support with their journey, and genuinely want make a difference in their wellbeing, then hit the button below and let’s work together to start making the change. 

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