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Maternity Care for LGBTQ+ and Vulnerable Communities

Maternity Care for certain sections of our communities that struggle to access, or avoid healthcare due to discrimination and other barriers. This course looks at what these barriers are, the consequences, mental health impact, and ways we can improve these outcomes.   

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Taking an in-depth look at the Maternity Care experiences

Vulnerable communities face unequal treatment, to that of white British, heterosexual, cis gendered  persons, which  amplifies the psychological and physical impacts. Placing them at higher risk of adverse outcomes, and mental health complications all because of maternity systems attitude and practices.

What to Expect on this Course

Module 1 | LGBTQ+



  • Terminology
  • Law and History
  • Understand the situation faced by LGBTQ+ families
  • Barriers to, and avoidance of health care
  • Look at the impacts of this exclusion
  • Ways to help and support 

Module 2 | Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Communities



  • Research and lived experiences 
  • Racial disparities and systematic racism in childbirth
  • Barriers to, and avoidance of health care
  • Look at the impacts of this exclusion
  • Ways to help and support 

Module 3 | Culturally Competent Health Care



  • Why is this situation occurring?
  • What are the NHS doing about it?
  • Why being “accepting” is not enough
  • Creating a safe space

Course Details


9 Hours


Single Payment of £125


Our Approach

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Step 1

Work your way through our online, interactive, and active learning environment. Complete the modules at your own pace, in your own time. At the end of these modules you will be qualified! Ideal for those students with experience who just need a "rubber stamp".

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Step 2

Live tutorials with the tutors will help you understand the content the modules and then apply it. Using scenarios, case studies and discussions you will take your knowledge to the next level!

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Step 3

Our workshops are designed to help you practice your teaching and communication skills. Workshops are optional for this course. Details are sent out towards the end of your training inviting you to consider attending.

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